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You love games with tons of real fun and dynamic action? Then welcome to the Worms Zone.io, an awesome arcade, where you can become the great champion of the arena! Collect yummies and different powerups, defeat enemies, and become the biggest worm of them all!
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February 12, 2021
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Worm Zone Mod APK

There won’t be someone who has not played Snake on Nokia phones. It has been one of the most popular games on phones before the launch of Android and iOS devices. People used to spend hours playing that flat 2D arcade-style game on small black and white screens. The reason was the exciting and challenging gameplay. It was a line that kept on growing by eating objects. The purpose of the game was to save the line (snake) from touching itself. As the snake continues to grow, the challenge to save it from touching itself on the small screen starts becoming difficult with the snake growing. The game became so popular that it kept evolving with the changing platforms. It was launched in the year 1997 on Nokia phones though the real game traces back to the original concept of an arcade game Blockade from the year 1976.

You can imagine the popularity of the game concept that there are more than 400 games built around the same theme available on the App Store only. With the passage of time, the game has evolved a lot in terms of features and graphics. Worm Zone is one of the most popular games built around this theme.

Worm Zone

Worm Zone comes with a vibrant and dynamic graphic interface. The colors are so catchy that you would instantly fall in love with the game. The game is based on the classic snake game theme. The game is created by Casual Azur Games. The game is available on multiple platforms. Android / Android TV, Apple / Apple TV, Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnokassniki, Yandex, and web. It is a Player Vs Player game.

The Gameplay

You begin with a small worm but you are playing to become an anaconda. You slither around and won’t be staying at one place. You eat the objects around you to grow in size. The object is not to get collide with other snakes and not to be eaten by the bigger snakes. You can customize the skins and faces. You can even design skins of your own. You can set daily records and can compete for the weekly rankings.


Various power-ups are scattered in the gaming arena, which temporarily changes the characteristics of your worm.

  • Increases the capture radius of everything that can be found in the arena.
  • Increases the amount of food eaten by 5 times, allows your worm to grow faster.
  • Shows on the radar the places where the worms collided.
  • Increases the speed of your worm. Your worm moves faster.
  • Increases the maneuverability of the worm, which avoids collisions.
  • Zoom-in allows you to see farther than usual.

Worm Zone Mod APK Unlimited Health

Worm Zone Mod APK is the directly downloadable and installable APK package for Android. It is the same Worm Zone game that is available for Android on Google Plays Store and iOS devices on Apple App Store.  The only difference is that the game available through App Store and Play Store comes can be downloaded and played for free but you have to play and earn to buy things. But with Worm Zone Mod APK available here is a special version. It has been modified in a way to offer unlimited coins and unlimited skin. This way you can make it less challenging. It is an altered APK version and 100% safe to download and install. If you love playing this great game, Worm Zone Mod APK is the right choice.

How To Install Worm Zone Mod APK

  • Uninstall the Play Store version of the app if it is already installed otherwise ignore this step
  • Enable the installation from an ‘Unknown Source’ option from the security setting menu of your phone
  • Download the Worm Zone Mod APK Unlimited Money from the given link
  • Click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process
  • Open the app and start using it once the installation is completed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Worm Zone online?

Yes, it is an online game. It is a Player-vs-Player.

How do you play the Worm Zone?

Worm Zone is a Player-vs-Player. You enter the game with a worm, you have to slither through while eating yummies for power, look up for coins and boosts. While doing all this, you need to save yourself from the collision and being eaten up by bigger snakes.

What are the boosts?

While roaming around you will find power-ups. With these boosts, you can get instant short time powers for a more efficient playthrough.

How to get unlimited money and skins?

Worm Zone Mod APK Unlimited Money available for download on this page comes with unlimited coins and skins. You can gain more power this way to survive longer.

How to kill the enemy?

If you encircle the enemy, they will not only be killed but you can get all their belongings as well.

How I lose the game?

Simple. If you collide with an enemy, you lose the life.


Whether you have played the classic Nokia Snake game or not but you will love to play this game. The eye-catching graphics and the engaging gameplay of Worm Zone is the reason behind the popularity of the game. It is a Player-Vs-Player action game where you can exhibit your gaming skill through daily records and weekly ranking. You start with a  worm but you keep growing by eating. You can add speed and power by grabbing objects. The ultimate task is to grow larger without getting into other worms around and not being eaten by bigger snakes. You can change skins and faces but you have to earn to spend. That’s long and tricky but don’t worry the Worm Zone Mod APK download provided on this page gives you the ultimate way to play the game. It will give you unlimited money (coins) to buy everything you need. It virtually gives you unlimited gameplay with never-ending stuff. So click on the link to download Worm Zone Mod APK Unlimited Money to get into the never-ending excitement. It’s amazing and the most amazing thing is that it is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a penny for this never-ending fun game.



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