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Note: This is the ad free version of the app "Flud - Torrent Downloader". This app does not add any more functionality to the free version. Please try the free version before buying this app.
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Varies with device
February 18, 2020
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Flud Pro APK

Digitalization has made all that possible which used to seem impossible only a few decades ago.  The Internet has opened gateways to a world not seen before. Now no matter where on the globe you live, all of the globe is in your reach. A few years ago your desktop was your gateway to the world. Then laptops replaced them for better mobility.

Later on, tablets made their way to your hands but that was not the end, now you can explore the world right from the palm of your hand. Mobile devices and mobile internet has made it possible to carry a world of entertainment, fun, and productivity in your pocket. With devices getting smarter and the internet becoming faster, you can truly break all the boundaries. Mobile internet has made it possible to access unlimited content online.

You can access the world’s best theatre, music, literature, and much much more online. Though the speed of the internet has increased multifold over the last few years, still downloading large data isn’t that easy. If you want a high-quality movie, a simple HD version will be over a gigabyte let alone a 4K version of the same. In unreliable situations the downloading bigger files are problematic. As everyone doesn’t have access to faster internet services, therefore it became necessary to have the alternates. Torrent came into being to address these problems.

A file shared through a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing network is referred to as a torrent. Users can share files without having to upload them to a server using peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing. Torrent makes it easy to download larger data files in the background without noticeably affecting your other online activities.

Torrent clients were available for computers for the last many years. Torrent apps for mobile devices have also surfaced lately. These apps have made it very easy to handle larger data file downloading, Now you can enjoy quality content on your mobile phone too. Flud is a bit-torrent client app specially designed for mobile phones. Let’s take a detailed look at this amazingly useful app.

Flud – Overview

Flud is a lightweight BitTorrent app for Android that allows you to download any torrent file. Flud allows you to pick which torrent files you want to download and where they can go on your Android. The app will also notify you if the size of the file you want to download exceeds the amount of space available on your computer. You can add a new torrent in many ways: directly from the app’s GUI, by pasting in a torrent address, or by clicking any magnet link you find on the Internet. Flud’s GUI is basic and sleek by nature, but you can change it to your liking. If you don’t like the style for any purpose, you can simply change it in the configuration menu. Flud is a fantastic BitTorrent app for Android that allows you to download any torrent file.

Flud – Description

Flud is an easy-to-use Bit-torrent client specially designed for Android devices. The app is developed by Delphi Softwares. The app is available on Google Play Store. Two versions of the app are available on Google Play Store, the basic one is free and contains ads. The other one is an ad-free pro version.

Features Include:

  • No download/upload speed limitations
  • Ability to choose the files to download
  • Ability to set file/folder preferences
  • RSS feed support for automated uploading
  • Support for magnet links
  • Support for NAT-PMP, DHT, and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
  • Support for TP (Torrent Transport Protocol) and PeX (Peer Exchange)
  • Ability to transfer files sequentially
  • Ability to switch files when downloading
  • Supports large-file torrents
  • Supports large-file torrents (Note: 4GB is the maximum size for FAT32 formatted SD cards)
  • Has a WiFi-only download alternative
  • Recognizes magnet connections from the browser
  • Support for encryption and IP filtering
  • Trackers and peers may use proxies
  • The ability to switch themes (Light and Dark)
  • UI in Material Construction
  • UI that is tailored for tablets

Flud Pro

It is the paid version of the Flud BitTorrent client. Pro version is ads-free and you have to subscribe to it directl from Google Play Store.

Flud Pro APK

Flud Pro APK is a modded APK that is altered in a way to give you pro features for free. You will get an ad-free experience without paying for any subscription. The link to download this free APK is available on this page. You can download it for free. The app can be directly installed after download. The file is scanned to be 100% safe and free from viruses and malware. It is safe to download and install this APK file. The Flud Pro APK is free to download a file and you won’t need to subscribe at any later stage.

Features Of Flud Pro APK

  • Ads-Free
  • Stable
  • Supports All Versions Of Android
  • No Device Rooting Required
  • Bug Fixed

How To Install Flud Pro APK

Installing Flud Pro APK is very easy if you follow the following steps:

Before You Download:

  • Remove the previous installation of the Play Store version of Flud
  • Go to your Android Device’s Settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications
  • Check the Installation from Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK


  • Download the Android Flud Pro APK file from the link
  • Open Downloads Folder on your device
  • Tap the APK file you just downloaded (Flud Ad Free) To begin to Install
  • Tap the app icon to run once the installation is done

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is the difference between Flud Pro and Flud Free?

The free version contains ads whereas the pro version is ads-free.

I can’t download torrents directly to SD-Card, is it a bug in the app?

On Android 4.4, Google has removed the ability for apps to write to the external SD card. This is not a bug in Flud.

Can I restrict the downloading to the WiFi network only?

Yes. Flud gives you the option to choose the WiFi-only option for downloading.


Downloading large files over slow internet connections has never been so easy before torrents. With loads of new features, mobile phones have become multimedia powerhouses. The variable speed data networks have made torrent client apps more relevant now. Flud Ad Free APK offers you the ultimate ad-free torrent experience. You won’t be missing a download again.


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