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AppValley VIP iOS

After Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Mobile going almost dead, the two major mobile platforms left to choose from are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Almost all the smartphones being built-today are based on these two OS platforms. Android is a Google product so it carries similar traits to other Google Platforms.  It is an Open Source product so any developer can get the source code and can modify it their way. It offers an easy and flexible app development platform. It is comparatively cheaper as well. Due to these factors, Android presently holds almost 72% of the share in the global mobile platform market. Apple on the other hand is following the same strategy it has been following with its computer platform.

Apple keeps its OS to its own hardware platform. Only Apple offers phones that are based on the iOS platform.  In the same way, Apple restricts app developers to sell or showcase their products on Apple App Store. That is why many apps are either unavailable on the iOS platform or are pricier than their Android variants. That is why Apple iOS users have much less access to mobile Applications than their Android counterparts. You can install authorized apps only from App Store if you want to continue with Apple device support. If you want to access apps other than the App Store, you have to get your phone OS tempered which is known as jail-breaking. The problem with Jail-breaking is that it will void your device’s warranty and you won’t be able to get apple support for any hardware or software problem afterward.  Lately, some other options have become available for iOS users where they can get apps at discounted prices as well as free in many cases without getting their device jail-break. AppValley is one such 3rd party app store for iOS devices.

About AppValley

AppValley is an independent American 3rd party digital distribution service. It is operated by AppValley LLC. It offers services like Apple App Store. It offers Apple iOS apps as a 3rd party.  It offers many apps that are not available through Apple App Store. These apps include tweaked “++” apps, jailbreak apps, and even pirated apps that are available as paid apps on the app store. Presently there is more than 1300 app available at AppValley store. It gives apps and downloading options not available with the Apple App Store.

  • AppValley was launched in the year 2017.
  • AppValley 2.0 was launched in 2018.

AppValley is a mobile-phone app installer that supports the iOS version of the apps that can be downloaded and installed on iOS devices. It is meant for people who wish to get free access to different applications available outside Apple App Store. AppValley also offers apps that have been modified or tweaked for user preferences and allows the user to bypass national restrictions on the use of apps, without doing a jail-break. It offers many app services that can not be availed through Apple App Store. AppValley is one of the most popular 3rd party app stores for iOS apps that offers a huge number of apps to be installed without jail-breaking your device. It offers apps for both iPhone and iPad. The AppValley support team gives you a prompt response directly from Twitter.

AppValley is among the top iOS app installers. It offers a huge variety of content that suits all ages and choices.

These apps can be categorized as follows;

  • iOS Apps

These are iOS Apps that are available at App Store as well and are tweaks for iPhone and iPad

  • Exclusive Apps

These exclusive apps are not available on App Store. Includes Cydia apps and tweaks, including screen recorders, games emulators, file manager, and many more

  • Unofficial Apps

These are the Apps and games that are not accepted on the official Apple AppStore for any reason.

Difference Between AppValley and AppValley VIP

The VIP version is without 3rd party ads and the number of revokes is very less, almost negligible as compared to standard version.

How to Install AppValley VIP on iPhone or iPad?

By following the given steps you can install AppValley on your iOS iPhone or iPad.

You need to have the iOS 9 and above version on your iOS devices, You need an active internet connection to download and install the app.

  • Download AppValley VIP for iOS.
  • Exit from the Safari browser
  • Open the home screen
  • Open the ‘Settings’ section on your device and then select the ‘General’ option there
  • Select the ‘Profiles & Device Management’ option. Look for the AppValley profile in the installations list and add it to the list of ‘Trusted Apps’ and confirm once prompted
  • Navigate back to the home screen
  • Click on the AppValley to run it

Now you can use it. You can search the app you want to install from AppValley and then click on ‘Install’, confirm the message prompt.

It is safe to install and use AppValley on your smartphone. It is scanned to be safe and free from viruses and malware. Besides that the app won’t compromise your privacy as the app doesn’t require any unnecessary permissions to work.


Apple always have a tight control over their OS and the Applications for the iOS platform. That is the reason that there are lot more apps available for Android as compared to the iOS platform. Presently there are approximately 3.14 million apps available on Google Play Store where as the Apple App Store has almost 2.09 million available apps for iOS. Due to this Apple iOS users have always been complaining about the inavailability of Apps as those are available for Android users. iOS apps are also expensive in many cases. The AppValley VIP has come up as the solution for this problem. It offers Apps tweaked App Store Apps as well as many exclusively available apps. Download the AppValley VIP iOS to enjoy great apps for free at your iPhone and iPad devices.The AppValley VIP version is available through annual subscription but from the given link you can download the tweaked version that offers the VIP features for free.

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