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AdGuard Content Blocker
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May 7, 2020
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AdGuard Premium APK

In a modern human’s life, the internet is one of the most important things. It is quite normal for any of us to spend an hour or more on the internet every day. It can either be browsing, chatting, watching videos, playing games, or work productivity. Before smartphones, the average time spent by a person was 39 minutes. With the mainstreaming of smartphones and decreasing prices of mobile data, this time has soared up more than thrice to 155 minutes. These figures are average per capita figures, otherwise, an office worker or a student spend not less than 5 hours a day online. The internet has facilitated us in many ways, productivity, communication, learning, entertainment to name a few. With the evolution of live streaming services, it has taken over conventional media like electronic and print. We have always been critics of the growing commercialization of media.

Ads have occupied the front page of newspapers, titles of magazines, and TV transmissions. Now you can’t watch a live sporting event or any other event without getting interrupted by ads. The internet has not only continued this tradition, it has rather intensified it. Whether you’re playing a game, watching a video, listening to a music stream, working on a productivity application, performing a search, or studying online, there is no exception. You’ll come across hundreds of ads in your daily online routine. As online advertisement is driven by AI and targets the consumers’ areas of interest as well as online behavior, so it becomes annoying most of the time. Search for a screwdriver and for the next many days you’ll be screwed by almost every kind of screwdriver ever made on earth. This is useful to an extent but becomes annoying with extensive repetitions. That’s exactly where you will need an adblocker.


AdGuard is an ad-blocking utility by AdGuard Software Limited. The company has a portfolio of privacy protection and adblocking software. AdGuard is the company’s premium product. The product is available for both desktop and mobile platforms. The desktop application is available for Windows and macOS. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The free version of the app can be downloaded from Apple App Store. The present Apple App Store version is 4.1.0 version that requires iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 11.2 or later. It’s a freemium application that offers the feature-limited version for free and charges for premium features. The premium subscription can cost you from $0.99 to $12.99 depending upon the subscription period. The app is an open-source development with all the full project code is available at Github. The app is considered among the popular ad-blocker applications available for mobile device platforms.

AdGuard Features

Save Your Battery And Your Data

Intrusive ads divert your attention and take up your time, and heavy-media ads, especially video ads, deplete your device’s battery and data. You’ll soon be able to leave the house without a charger and enjoy an extra cup of coffee thanks to the data you’ve saved with AdGuard Content Blocker.

There Are More Than 20 Adblocking Lists Available

Choose from the most comprehensive of all the existing filter lists, which were created by both our highly skilled specialists and prominent members of the community. To ensure the best protection in your country, enable general lists that cover the most common advertisements and combine them with language-specific lists. Other countries and language regions include France, Spain, Germany, Korea, and others.

List of people who are on the whitelist

Add your favorite blogs and content creators to the list of exceptions to show your support. You can add entire domains or special pages to your whitelist. There’s no need to disable AdGuard every time you’re about to visit a well-known, reputable website with no intrusive advertisements.

Filters That Can Be Customized

You have complete control over the filtering process with our app. Create your own custom rules to block advertisements or hide any elements on the page, then restore them at a later time.

Protect Your Privacy

Users’ privacy is a top priority for the AdGuard Team. We’ve spent years perfecting award-winning ad-blocking and privacy-protection software. Besides, it has established a reputation as a vigilant defender of online safety by publishing several research papers in which we expose dangerous apps and expose shady schemes used to steal your personal information.

AdGuard Premium APK

AdGuard is not available at Google Play Store due to Google’s policies for ad-blockers. You can no longer download the app from the official Play Store however the app is being developed and updated on regular basis on Apple App Store. This means the app is safe to use and qualifies Apple’s security requirements. With AdGuard Premium APK provided on this page, you can enjoy the premium version of the app on your Android mobile devices. This includes all the premium features which are available through premium subscription only but here you can get those for free with AdGuard Pro APK.

How To Install AdGuard Premium APK

  • Go to your Android Device’s Settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications
  • Check the Installation from Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK
  • Download the Android AdGuard Premium APK file from the link
  • Open the Downloads folder on your device
  • Tap the APK file you just downloaded (AdGuard APK Premium) To begin to Install
  • Tap the app icon to run once the installation is done
  • Enjoy The Premium App for Free

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question)

Why isn't AdGuard for Android available on Google Play?

In the Play Store, Google has an odd policy regarding ad blockers. Simply put, any app that can block ads across the device is not allowed, leaving only flimsy content blockers as an option. AdGuard has also been removed from the Google Play Store.

What's the difference between AdGuard for Android's free and premium versions?

The free version is great at deleting advertisements from browsers, but it doesn't filter traffic from other apps. It also lacks the Safebrowsing function.


Tired of frequent advertisements over the internet? Here is a good option, The AdGuard Premium APK is the ultimate choice that can provide you the best protection against all kinds of advertisements not only in the browser but also in the apps.


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